White Faux Collection

100% Synthetic, Imitation Goat Hair Bristles.
This virtually shed-less collection can be used with all types of cosmetics including liquids, creams, and powders!

The brushes in this collection come with a number printed in a black ink on the end of the brush handle.

In Order:

Clean Sweep WF650

Pucker Up Pull Apart WF603

It’s All In The Detail WF605

Never Too Cool To Spool WF610

Stay In Your Lane Liner WF612

The Big, The Bold, The Brow! WF616

The Purrfect Line…Meow WF620

What The Smudge? WF624

Pack A Lid WF628

One And Done Shadow WF630

Beyond The Crease WF631

Bases Loaded WF636

Cover It Up Concealer WF640

It’s Blurring Amazing WF647

All Angles Covered WF656

Paddle To Perfection WF660

Contour That! WF663

Carve Your Curves WF665

Why U Blushin?? WF670

When In Doubt WF677

Cutsie Butsie Buki WF680

Stand Up, Stand Out, Chubby Dome WF690