(Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act)

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Products sold under your brand are your responsibility for all compliance.


As a private label company, we are selling our products unbranded, freely throughout the world. It is the responsibility of the brand owner (yourself) to comply with your country’s rules and regulations for the sale of these goods.

It is your sole responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations for the country where the products are being sold.

As you know, we provide your company with bulk cosmetic products. In turn, you then label these products with your brand name and your company name. Since your company name appears as the contact party in the marketplace, you are then responsible for listing these products as required by MoCRA.

As such, and to support your readiness concerning product(s) listing, we are disclosing our FEI to be used according to this regulation.

Brushes by Karen, Inc., (Parent Company)

FEI number is 3017407870.

(To be used for our supplied products only.)

**Use your own FEI number when registering your facility.**

The deadline for completion of these Product Listings is July 1, 2024.

Information on the process and requirements, as well as exemption guidance, can be found at the following FDA reference websites.

We have been using a cosmetic consultant to help with this process.

We are happy to provide their contact information if you would like to hire them to assist you with your cosmetic listings.


ColorStrokes Cosmetics

Brushes By Karen, Inc.


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Although the following has always been an FDA guideline, with the upcoming MoCRA regulations, ingredient labels must now list your (the end retailer’s) company name and contact information.

With that said, we will start to phase out our generic ingredient labels, allowing you, the end retailer, to correctly label your products accordingly. Most of our ingredient labels will still be available throughout the mid-year and possibly beyond giving you some time to prepare.

Our shade name labels will still be made available.  As before, if you do not want our shade labels, please specify this at the time  Of order, and with a minimum of 24 pcs per color, we will send without.

As many of you are already doing, your own unique labels can be easily made on your own home computer or ordered through a label company of your choice.

Please check with us before printing your own ingredient labels. Listings are subject to change!

Lastly, we will gladly recommend a label company if needed.

Please contact your sales rep for this information.