Brown Faux Collection & Magic Makeup Wands

Brown Faux Collection

In Order:

1. Line & Smudge – BFF044

2. Slant – BFF052

3. Perfect Line – BFF056

4. Small All Over – BFF058

5. Large All Over – BFF060

6. Smudger – BFF062

7. Pointed Sculptor BFF064

8. Angled Sculptor BFF066

9. Multitask BFF091

10. Duo Brow BFF099

11. Thin Line BFF036

12. Large Shadow BFF068

13. Pointed Eye Contour BFF072

14. Eye Definer BFF070

15. Blurring Concealer BFF082

16. Chubby Blender BFF160

17. Blurring Foundation BFF260

18. Small Pointed Face BFF175

19. Large Pointed Face BFF190

20. Small Rounded Face BFF200

21. Large Rounded Face BFF250

22. Jumbo Buffer BFF330

23. Jumbo Flat Top BFF280

24. Foundation BFF140

25. Long Pointed Perfector BFF125

26. Jumbo Fan BFF315


Itsy Bitsty Buki BFFIB, Small Buki SB120, Large Buki SB290, Retractable Buki BFF360


Left To Right:

Itsy Bitsy Buki – BFFIB

Small Buki – SB210

Large Buki – SB290

Retractable Buki – BFF360

Travel Friendly Options


Top To Bottom:

Mini Eye Buki – BFF046

Mini Wide Flat Top – BFF299

Duo Mini Eye – SB075

Mini Brown Faux Set w/ Pouch BFF990​

Left To Right:








Magic Makeup Wands*

Tightly Packed Synthetic Fibers

Offered In 2 sizes:

Small Magic Makeup Wand – MMW


Large Magic Makeup Wand- MMWL

Overall Face Blender/Loose Powders/Bronzers/Self-Tanners

*Magic Makeup Wands are imported from overseas.