Product Decorating – Custom Work

Product Decorating : Private Label

For your very own brand recognition and high profit structure!

Selling private label cosmetics (like us) as opposed to branded lines has a lot of benefits for growing your business.  For example, you can buy branded lines almost anywhere nowadays.  So if you decide to sell a branded line, your clients do not necessarily have to come back to you for their makeup.  However, if you brand your own line – your clients have no option other than to return to you for their favorite makeup product.  And as such, private label cosmetics brings you constant reorders.

PRODUCT DECORATING – Easy To Do It Yourself!
Our low minimums allow you to start small without a large investment.  You can create your own logo labels on a home or office printer and be up and running in days. Or custom order logo labels through a professional label manufacturer of your choice. They are very inexpensive and easy to apply.

That valuable first impression. All ColorStrokes Cosmetics can be printed with your logo. This will give you the look you want and will add value to the retail price. A few extra pennies spent at startup will bring you back dollars each and every time you sell a product. There is a one-time charge for art, film and die plates for each package style to be stamped.

  A single color process.

Minimums – 144 PCs. of the same package style:  All colors must be ordered in increments of 12 per shade. example: minimum of the initial 24 pcs. and then 36, 48, 60, etc. and up.

Thin Steel Cliché Plate:
  There is a one time fee to create a plate needed to etch your logo.  The amount of items you are printing on and logo size will determine the number of plates needed.

Set Up Charge – Each time, for each package style that you are running.

Stamp Charge (Passes) – (Each piece stamped/Each time)
Available Pad Printing Colors: White, Black, Silver, Gold
Note: Silver and Gold are not a high metallic – they appear more flat.

Artwork Requirements for pad printing plates:
Please send enlarged, high res art so that we can reduce. (Art should be black with clear or white background). Text should be converted to Outline.  Non Vector art is subject to additional art fees (TBD).
Acceptable formats are 300 dpi and higher – preferably in ai, eps or pdf.

All imprinted materials require a non-refundable 50% deposit and sign off sheet when order is placed.
All die plates must be prepaid in full. Plates remain property of Brushes by Karen.
Initially, please allow approximately 8 weeks for production of printed goods and 6 weeks for reorders of the same. Prices are subject to change without notice.

DIGITAL PRINTING:  A four color process.
Minimums start at 1,000 PCs. of the same package style.
Please inquire for more details.

Deposits: All imprinted materials require a non-refundable 50% deposit due at sign off. All plates and labor fees must be paid in full. All plates remain property of Brushes By Karen/Colorstrokes. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Printed and Custom Made to Order Brushes


Minimum: 144pcs of the same brush style.

Set Up Charge: $50.00 per brush style (unless ordering 6 or more brush styles, set up fees reduces to $30 per style set up.

Passes (Hit fee): $.60 per brush stamped (per time stamped).

Pad Print Plate: $250.00 (one logo size) , $375 (two logo sizes)*

Ink Color Options: Black, White, Gold, Silver. (Gold and silver are non-metallic)

*These are one time fees and we usually recommend at least two plates to be made (one for smaller brush handles and the second for larger brush handles). Plates cannot be used on custom made brushes.

Lead times: Approx. 8 weeks on initial order, 6 weeks on reorders of the same brush style.



Using a selection of our brush head collections, handles, and ferrules, we can make you an amazing custom brush for your company!

Our standard print colors for both stock and custom brushes are black, white, silver and gold. We can pad print up to two lines per brush (your logo on one side and your brush description on the opposite side). A pad print plate is required for each line printed. There is a one time charge of $60 per plate.You may opt for no brush description or you are welcome to use any one of our stock brush descriptions at no additional plate charges to you.

Minimum: Starting 144pcs. of the same brush style.

Certain collections such as the White Faux and Brown Faux Collections have a 576pc. minimum per brush style. (If ordering 6 or more brush styles from those two collections, the initial minimum reduces to 288pcs per brush style.)

Ink Color Options: Black, White, Gold, Silver. (Gold and silver are non-metallic)

1st line is printed free.

2nd line printed will have a nominal charge per brush.

Lead times: Approx. 13 weeks (working days).

Plates made for custom made brushes can only be reused on future custom brush orders.

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