Black Silk / Black Silk Fiber Optic Collections

Available While Supplies Last!

Black goat hair that has been specialty treated for a soft, silky feel mimics the feel and application of squirrel without the expense.

Black Silk Collection

Silk Pointed Crease 1 SK1

Silk Pointed Crease 3 SK3

Silk Pointed Crease 6 SK6

Silk Shader 7 SK7

Silk Blender 8 SK8

Silk Slanted Crease 9 SK9

Silk Contoured Cheek 24 Sk24

Silk Precision Blush 20 SK20

Silk Pointed Dome 28 SK28

Silk Ultimate Powder 32 SK32

Black Silk/Fiber Optic Collection

Works greats with all powders where a light touch is needed. Bronzers go on effortlessly and airbrushed looking. Great for high-pigmented products too!

Silk/Fiber: Large Pointed 16 BSF16

Silk/Fiber: Oval 11 BSF11

Silk/Fiber: Small Face 18 BSF18

Silk/Fiber: Large Face 32 BSF32