Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our provided answers to some common questions below.
Feel free to contact your sales representative if there any further questions.

General Information & Compliance

STANDARD STOCK ORDERS: (no logo print, no custom work)
– Domestic: 3 or more per sku# and an overall order of at least $150
– International: 12 or more per sku# and an overall order of at least $500

SPECIAL FILL ORDERS: (we will send without shade labels so you can apply your own unique ones) 24 or more per sku

LOGO PRINT: is 144 per package style, 24 per sku (after initial 24, shades should be ordered in multiples of 12).

CUSTOM WORK: (we fill into your own packaging, apply custom labels, make a custom color, etc.)

Liquid Foundation/Primer: 2,000 pcs per shade / 100 pounds bulk

*We’ll accept as little as 576pcs per shade to custom fill the above (custom labels and colors don’t apply)

Other Organic Cosmetics: 2,000pcs per shade / 50 pounds bulk

Please note: Custom Fill Mineral Powders have much lower minimums. Please Inquire.

Contact your sales rep and let them know! If you do not have a sales rep yet, please provide your information here –

Please be as descriptive as possible so that we understand your needs and assign the correct sales rep to assist you further.

Wee look forward to working with you!

Unfortunately, no. We ask all clients to take their own photography so everyone remains as unique as possible.

It is your responsibility to comply with US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) regarding labeling procedures. By placing your order with us, you confirm that products will not be adulterated or misbranded, and upon final processing, labeling, or repacking, such goods will be properly labeled. Detailed information regarding proper labeling can be found here: Code of Federal Regulations 21 (CFR 21 Part 701)

Note: For all orders that are shipped/sold outside of the USA – you are responsible for your own regulatory compliance. We will be happy to work with your third party authorized authorities if needed.

To the best of our knowledge, and based on our ingredient supplier information and our formulation procedures, our “gluten free made products” are gluten free. However, normal operations involve shared kettles and preparation areas that may contain traces of gluten. Plus, as a private label (no-name brand) we are not making this claim on our formulas. As the end retailer, you are responsible for your own testing for this claim. We will be happy to work with your third party authorized authorities if needed.

The Cruelty Free Seal (shown on our site) was acquired by us through the Leaping Bunny program.

To license this seal for your own use – you must contact the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics yourself, for own license & permission.

Note: They will contact us for verification so you must have already placed a wholesale order with us (we are not able to endorse based only on a sample order).

Yes, however, it is the responsibility the responsibility of the importer (yourself) to comply with all your countries rules and regulations for the importation and sale of these goods. We will be happy to work with your third party authorized authorities if needed. We will disclose limited sensitive data to agency for the sole purpose of enabling agency to complete PIF’s on your behalf & as necessary to ensure compliance with relevant market regulations. We will only release our sensitive data to these approved third parties. Our data is highly confidential & proprietary to BBK, therefore said agency will act as your RP. You are responsible for all dealings & fee’s that are imposed by them.

*Excludes all pencils.

Please inquire about our EU Regulatory Assistance program.
Working with our approved agent can greatly help cover some of this expense and speed up the process.

Without certification, the word “organic” should not be on the principal (front) display panel. It can, however, be used to identify specific ingredients that are organically produced on the ingredient list or there can be statement on the back-information panel (i.e.: “All Natural infused with Certified Organic Ingredients”).

No! We will not conduct, commission, or be a party to animal testing nor allow animal testing to be performed by or for submission to regulatory agencies in order to distribute our goods into foreign markets.

All of our Natural and Mineral cosmetics are made in the USA with the exception of all pencils (lip, eye, brow and duo), which are made in China. Our Traditional line of cosmetics (which is being discontinued) is made in Canada. Most brushes are made in the USA, unless otherwise stated. Some specialty brushes (kabukis, minis, brush sets, etc.) and most Disposables and Accessories are imported from overseas.

We are private label so our name must never appear anywhere in your marketing material, advertising nor on the products. You must sell it under your own brand name.

Yes, however, please make yourself familiar with Amazon’s regulations – we cannot guarantee that Amazon will accept the products nor that we could provide all documentation required. Note: WE DO NOT ALLOW THE SALE OF OUR PRODUCTS ON E-BAY OR SIMILAR ONLINE AUCTIONS.

No, our customers’ information is confidential and not shared.

Shipping, Delivery & Payment

We now have a few alternate options to remit payment. You can ask your sales rep for more information.

  1. Online Payment Center*
  2. Zelle (only available for clients located in the U.S & has a monetary limit)
  3. ACH/Wire


*Our Online Payment Center allows you to enter your own payment details so we would not have to keep your information on file. Once your order is ready to ship, we would contact you with the final order invoice and link to our Online Payment Center. Upon receipt of payment, your order would ship.

We do not charge tax, unless you are in New York and have not yet acquired a TAX ID#. If we are shipping out of the country, duties and taxes may apply once the order is received at customs of the final country of destination. Please check with your local government for details.

Primarily, we accept payments via authorized credit card information (AMEX, MasterCard, Visa, Discover) and you can use our secure Online Payment Center.

We can also accept payments via Zelle, Ach or Wire Transfers. All associated fees (if any) must be taken out on your end.

Please note: Certain credit card transactions might be subject to sur charge (please inquire for more information).

We cannot drop ship individual retail orders for you. We can, however, send your order to your designated consignee on your behalf. Please keep in mind that if we are to ship to a third party on your behalf (co-packer, fulfillment center, printer, etc.), it is yours and the consignee’s responsibility to report any issues within 48 hours of receipt (shortages, damages, etc.). After said time, we will not be held responsible for any issues that may arise.

We cannot deliver to a post office box. A physical street address is required. It is also necessary that you let us know if it is a residential or commercial address.

Yes, if you don’t want to use our UPS or DHL account, we can ship through additional carriers. We can easily ship via your UPS or DHL account if you provide us with the account number. We can also ship with additional carriers, including freight forwarders, but typically shipping arrangements would need to be made by you. Please contact a sales rep for further details.

Freight cost is determined once an order is packed up and ready to ship. Cost is based on total weight, box dimensions, value and destination. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a price quote in advance based on the dollar amount of an order.

Most domestic orders are shipped via UPS and international orders are DHL.

All stock orders take 2-3 business days in-house processing. Transit time will vary depending on your location. It could be another 1-6 business days if in the US, or 3-5 business days if outside the US.


Samples & Wholesale Orders

Orders placed during a showroom appointment must be processed with usual lead times and shipped out from our warehouse. Our showroom is only stocked with samples of the line for you to view and test.

*Due to current global situation, our showroom is closed until further notice.*

After you have sampled the product and discussed your needs with one of our sales reps, we would be happy to meet with you in our showroom to assist you with placing your wholesale order. Our showroom is available by appointment only for 1-hour time slots. Please request an appointment a few weeks in advance to ensure availability.

*Due to current global situation, our showroom is closed until further notice.*

There is a 25% service charge that would apply to cancelled / refused orders that have already begun processing (even if the order has not yet shipped).

Once your order has been entered into our system, we cannot make any changes, so please review your order carefully before submitting to us.

Please order carefully. We do not accept returns or exchanges on goods unless shipped in our error.

You may email, fax or call in your order to a sales rep.

Please send us your order with the following information:

quantities, product names, shades, product codes, and packaging styles (for the applicable products) or you can download our price lists to fill in and return to a sales rep.

Note: We do not offer an Online Shopping Cart Option.

We do not have sample packages of assorted items because we find that most prefer to order “à la carte” with their own choices.

All subsequent orders must be minimum met wholesale orders; however, within that wholesale order, you are always welcome to order 1 of any color/item that you haven’t ordered before.

We are not able to send out free samples; however, for evaluation purposes, you’re welcome to place an opening sample order consisting of one of any item that interests you. This is an excellent opportunity for you to sample and test the line before ordering in wholesale quantity. We just ask that this sample order meets an overall total of at least $50 worth of product.

Makeup Products

We launch new products/colors several times a year. You can stay updated by visiting our website or contacting your sales rep.

We continuously create new products/colors so that your brand can stand out in comparison to other lines. Therefore, from time to time, we review our existing line and make room for new and/or improved products. This may result in your favorite product and/or color(s) being phased out from the line. We do our best to notify all customers of any changes to the line.

We do not make or apply client’s shade labels.

But with a minimum order of 24pcs. per sku #, we can leave our shade labels off so you can apply your own unique shade names.

Our products do not come with ingredient labels.

It is the responsibility of the end retailer (you) to use ingredient labels, listing your name and contact information.

See FDA guidelines for proper labeling requirements. Ingredients lists (ingredients are listed in correct predominance order) and net weights of each product are available on our website.

Our cosmetics come stocked with shade labels only.

If you would like the product sent without shade labels, please specify at time of order, and with a minimum of 24pcs. per sku #, we will send without. Note: While supplies last, we have tamper seals and boxes for many items sold separately.

Inquire for details and pricing.

We offer bulk for many of our items.

Note: Our product liability insurance will not apply on any repackaged goods.

There are no pre-made eye shadow palettes. However, we do sell empty palettes made to fit our Natural Shadow pans. We offer our shadows for purchase in just these pans so you can easily mix and match to create a perfect palette for your clientele.

Our stock room supply is pre-labeled, therefore, any unlabeled products require extra time for us to specially pick and prepare them for you.

We can custom fill into your own supplied (pre-approved) packaging. Fees are applicable for compatibility testing.

Minimums start at 2,000 pcs per color and may increase depending on product and component size. All of our existing packaging can be viewed on our website.

*Inquire for lower Foundation, Primer and Mineral Custom Fill Minimums.

We can make custom colors of our existing formulations, starting at a minimum of 2,000 pcs per color.

Please inquire for lab fees associated with this process.

We are not offering custom formulas nor contract manufacturing services at this time.

Our products contain natural and organic ingredients, hence, there may be small variations in color, texture and scent from batch to batch. These variations are normal and not defects of product nor grounds for return.