Select Brushes: Kolinsky Sables, Blue Squirrel, Canadian Squirrel, Pure Pony

Available While Supplies Last!

For the professional who demands body, firmness, durability and control. The perfect tools for the perfect placement. Kolinksy Sable brushes are soft and firm for smooth application and blending of eye color. The Blue Squirrel brushes are designed to dispense even distribution with a soft airbrushed finish. Other specialty brushes offered here could be luxurious additions to your line

*Available In Long Handle

Sable Angle Detailer* S899

Chisel Sable Lip* CL07

Chisel Sable Fluff #6* S901

Chisel Sable Fluff #8 S902

Chisel Sable Fluff #10* S9036 (long only)

Chisel Sable Fluff #14* S9046 (long only)

Chisel Sable Fluff #16* S9056 (long only)

Squirrel Precision One SP1

Squirrel Precision Two SP2

Squirrel Precision Three SP3

Squirrel Angle Mini Crease SA1

Squirrel Mini Crease MSC

Squirrel Crease S951

Squirrel Flat Blender SF1

Feather Duster FD00 (Ostrich Feathers)

Eye Contour S966

Special Oval Powder* S950 (long only)

Unique Tapered Powder* S952(long only)

Unique Contour Powder S953

Flat Bronzer FB00



Canadian / Specialty Collections

The combined chisel layering and silkiness of squirrel hair – make these collections the crème de la crème.
Ranging in sizes from eye shadow to large all over powder, they will gently glide on powders for a soft, smooth finished look with very little effort. Even the most heavy-handed makeup artist will get airbrushed results.
The hair that adorns this line is something that has to be experienced.

Canadian Squirrel

Squirrel Small Fluff SF11

Squirrel Large Fluff SF14

Squirrel Fan SF7

Squirrel Dome Contour S20D

Squirrel Flat Contour S20C

Squirrel Blush S18

Squirrel Small Powder S34

Squirrel Deluxe Powder S37

Squirrel Med. Powder S47

Blue Squirrel, Kolinsky Sable, Mongoose

Squirrel Flat Contour/Shader B10

Squirrel Slant Powder B08

Squirrel Powder B37

Squirrel Bronzer B20

Squirrel Flat Powder/Blush B05

Taklon Flat Liner B11

Squirrel Special Crease B29

Squirrel Large Contour/Blender B14

Squirrel Med. Eye Contour B12

Squirrel Mini Crease Blender B42

Squirrel Slant Crease Contour B18

Sable Special Fluff #21 B21