Acrylic Series / European Acrylic Series

Available While Supplies Last! All Sales Are Final!

Upon review of our inventory and sales, we have been slowly phasing out some older sku's to make room for the new, exciting, vegan friendly products that you have come to know and love from us. ​

Acrylic Series

Available Brushes:

1. Acrylic Square Tapered Crease 3 – A3

2. Acrylics Synthetic Oval 12 – A12

3. Acrylic Silk Powder/ Blusher – A2B

4. Acrylic Square Tapered Crease 6 – A29

5. Acrylic Square Spec. Contour/Blender – A33

6. Acrylic Silk Small Chubby Blusher – A46

7. Acrylic Silk Large Buffer – A59

8. Acrylic Large Powder – A150

9. Acrylic Synthetic Straight Liner – A205

10. Acrylic Squirrel Special Fluff – A239

11. Acrylic Synthetic Pull Apart – A316

European Acrylic Series

Available Brushes

Slim Angle – E6

Precision Fluff – E8

Slant Eye Contour – E12

Deluxe Blender – E15

Pointed Lip- L3

Deluxe Contour – F18

Angle Blush/Powder – F22

Deluxe Angle Powder – F24