Black Faux/Fiber Optics Collection

Available While Supplies Last!

100% Synthetic, Vegan, Cruelty Free

These brushes are perfect for the heavy handed user – gives flawless results with very little effort. Picks up colors and applies them with an airbrushed finish. The unique layering of hair design helps to soften high-pigmented colors as they are applied. Colors go on so soft and natural that there is no need to blend. Works greats with all powders where a light touch is needed. Bronzers go on effortlessly and airbrushed looking.
Great for high-pigmented product – especially loose mineral powders.

1. Black Faux/Fiber Small Pointed 08 BFO08

2. Black Faux/Fiber Oval 11 BFO11

3. Black Faux/Fiber Small Face 18 BFO18

4. Black Faux/Fiber Large Pointed 16 BFO16

5. Black Faux/Fiber All Over 36 BFO36

6. Black Faux/Fiber Face 32 BFO3