Faux Fur Paddle (The Ultimate B Brush)

See The Ultimate B Brush In Action!

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How To: Blending Harsh Makeup With Ultimate B Brush
How To: Blending Liquid Foundation With Ultimate B Brush
How To: Cleaning The Ultimate B Brush

Blush It, Blend It, Buff It, Blur It, Bronze It, Beautify It.

Tired of “blending” your makeup to what seems to be a flawless finish to you, then hopping in the car or getting into good lighting, and seeing that horribly embarrassing line of demarcation??

Well, we have got the solution for you! Say hello to our new little friend, the Ultimate B Brush!!

Rather than grabbing a tissue or using your fingers to correct an uneven makeup application,

this super soft and unique brush will blend and buff away any excess makeup.

Will work on any cream or powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter and of course foundation.

It will also help absorb extra oils on your face (matte finish anyone?)!

Keep one in your car, at work, in your purse and of course on your vanity.  It’s the perfect size for travel. Bonus: The Ultimate B Brush will remove any creased and caked up makeup that builds throughout the day in those fine lines.